There are many children and young people in the province still waiting to be adopted. It is important to give these children every opportunity to have a safe, permanent and loving home where they can lead successful lives and reach their full potential. Every child should know what it means to have a family support system to help, encourage, support. and nurture them. Every child should know there is always someone in their corner and on their side.

Adopting a child gives a child a lasting home and someone on whom to depend.

By adopting a child, you are inviting a new family member into your home and your heart. More importantly, you offer a child in need a chance at a new life and a family to call their own.

With the information provided on this page, we hope to give you a look at adoption from the perspective of all those involved. We've included stories from birth families, children, foster families, child welfare professionals and adoptive families.

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Overview of the adoption process in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Adoption Stories

The Adoption Podcast 🎧
This award winning podcast takes you through a UK adoption through the eyes of those affected. Lives being changed forever. Broken down into 17 parts, the podcast takes you through the journey of adoption from the children entering foster care to their adoption.

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