The Child and Parent Journey

In New Brunswick, 649 children are in the permanent care of the Province. That means they have no legal parents, the Province is their legal guardian. Some of these children will age out, without ever finding a permanent family.  For every child who is adopted, 2 will age out

What does it mean to age out?
It means no home to go to for the holidays, no one to drop your laundry off to, to get advice about your first job, your first car. Think of who you call when you have had an accomplishment, a bad day, the mundane, the vent? It is usually your parents. In fact, 40% of young people aged 20 to 29 live at home.  0% of Youth who aged out have this option. Youth who age out are at higher risk of not finishing high school, early pregnancy, homelessness, and poverty. 

What can we all do to make sure more children find permanent homes?
Take a look at the numbers. Almost, half of these kids are over the age of 11. Does your home have room for an older child?  

Many children have extra needs or are part of sibling groups too.  These extra considerations, should not have to mean forgoing a permanency plan. 

The best thing to do, if you think you might be a good home for one of New Brunswick's children is to learn about them. learn about theirs needs, how to keep siblings in touch, and what it is like to have an older child in your home. We at the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation offer webinars, groups, panels, and one on one support with a coordinator or peer, where you can learn all about the needs of these children.  

To get a good understanding of the trauma these kids face, and what it can look like, we recommend our Understanding Trauma Responses Webinar. The Youth Perspectives on Permanency Panel, is a great way to get an idea of what Youth in Care face and get their perspective.  Then participate in our other programming to learn more about these issues!

If you are interested in adoption, waiting to adopt, or are an adoptive or foster parent, please join us in our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, meet other families on their adoption journey, and find out about activities, training, etc.. happening around the province.

If you wish to become an adoptive parent, you can start the application process by



Learn about the Trauma Responses: Fight, freeze, flight and Fawn and look into What Survival Feels Like for Children.

HARD TALKS 2021 (En)
Awareness  Presentation

A Trauma-informed educational, presentation to promote the needs and challenges of children and youth in care.

Youth Panel

Learn from Youth Formerly in  Care about what permanency means to them.