Here in New Brunswick, this month is a time for the community, adoptees, adoptive parents, advocates, and professionals to celebrate and support children and families built through adoption, as well as raise awareness of the more than 400 children and youth in the care of the Province without a permanent family.

In years past, the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation has held an in person conference, this year we are going virtual!

We are spreading out our educational activities throughout the month of November. We invite you to set aside some time to join us for an informative and meaningful experience.

Each week of November we will focus on specific adoption related themes with weekly webinars, virtual panel discussion, and family and youth testimonials.

Our hope is that during the month of November and throughout the year we can encourage New Brunswickers to:

  • learn more about the process

  • know there is support available throughout the journey

  • ultimately consider accepting a child or youth as a permanent part of their family.

We encourage everyone, personally touched by adoption or not, to embrace National Adoption Awareness Month, participate and learn and serve as champions of adoption every day!

Check out the calendar below or visit each weeks page for additional details.

Week 1 : Adoption Awareness
Week 2 : Trauma Informed Parenting
Week 3 : Absolute Self Care
Week 4 : Diversity in Adoptive Families
Adoption Awareness Calendar.pdf