Our coordinators advocate for our community's children and youth, help waiting parents prepare for their adoption journeys, and support adoptive families from all corners of the province. 

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Suzanne Kingston - Executive Director 

Hi my name is Suzanne Kingston and it has been my pleasure to work with the NB Adoption Foundation since 2006 as the Executive Director.

Prior to working with the NB Adoption Foundation, I worked with a number of community organizations working with families, and with children and adults with special needs.

My work has always been centered around the idea of engaging and consulting people most impacted by an issue.  

It is through their voices of lived experience and their points of view that solutions can be found that work and that are most effective.  

I love being part of this team of compassionate, highly capable, and caring staff. 

We learn and are inspired by each other, and even more powerfully by the children, youth, parents, parents to be, and professionals we have the honour of working with each day. 

I live in Hampton, NB with my life partner and are on the verge of an empty nest and hoping that our two young adult sons come back to visit us often. 

About me : 

I live in: Hampton
I speak: English
My Email: Suzanne.kingston@nbadoption.ca
My Facebook: Facebook.com/suzanne.nbadoption
My Phone Number: 506-832-0676

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Kim Driscoll - Support Network Coordinator 

Welcome! My name is Kim Driscoll, I have been a Support Network Coordinator with the Foundation since Oct/2017.  I grew up in Cape Breton and relocated to Oromocto New Brunswick back in 1994. I completed my B.A.C.S. degree at U.C.C.B. along with 2 years of my Social Work Degree at S.T.U.   This was the same year I married my husband and started our life as a Military family. I have always stayed connected and involved in the communities we have been posted to and believe that with my work experience, volunteerism and outgoing personality it all lead me into the Human Resource field. . After having my beautiful daughter, Emily, in 1997, I continued to serve my community, make connections, sought out academic opportunities and adapted to our forever changing lifestyle in the Military. During this time my husband and I looked into adoption. We have always wanted a bigger family and we were blessed to be able to adopt our son, Conner, in 2017. I look forward to supporting you and your family through the adoption journey. Whether it is gathering resources within our community, providing emotional support in person or over the phone, I feel honored to be a part of this journey with you and look forward to what the future will bring.

About me : 

I live in: Oromocto (Near Fredericton)
I speak: English
My Email: kim.driscoll@nbadoption.ca
My Facebook:  Facebook.com/kim.nbadoption
My Phone Number: 506-647-7945 

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Patricia Conan Estabrooks - Support Network Coordinator

Hi! I am Patricia Conan Estabrooks,  I was born in Chile and grew up in France and New Brunswick.  I studied Sciences at Mount Allison University and l'université de Moncton and eventually settled into a job in Communications where I met my husband.  When the time came to start our family, after a few years of trying on our own, we turned to adoption. With the support of family, friends, and the network, we completed the application process, PRIDE training, and Home Study in about 3 years. A year after approval, just as we were preparing to update our file, we got the call, we were matched with a sibling group, a boy and a girl, 2 and 4 years old. What a whirlwind!

The Adoption Foundation and Support Network were there for us along our journey and are still there for us today as our family navigates the ups and downs of adoption. When the opportunity came to join the Network as a coordinator, I jumped for it and haven't looked back. I have been a member of this wonderful team since October 2017 and I look forward to supporting other families through their own adoption journey. 

About me : 

I live in: Riverview (Near Moncton)
I speak: French, English, Spanish
My Email: Patricia.estabrooks@nbadoption.ca
My Facebook: Facebook.com/patricia.nbadoption
My Phone Number: 506-383-3693

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Susie Lagace-Hickey - Support Network Coordinator

Hi! I am Susie Lagace-Hickey, and I was born and raised in Bathurst, New Brunswick. After leaving the Chaleur region for a few years, I returned in 2008 and have been calling Bathurst home again ever since. My husband and I share a beautiful daughter together, and we are also foster parents. We have been welcoming children into our homes for over 5 years as foster parents. We have had the privilege of being a part of the lives of some amazing children throughout our years as foster parents. I have a B.A. in Sociology and a university certificate in Autism Intervention. I recently joined the NB Adoption Foundation on a part-time basis with the hope of helping and supporting families throughout their journey to adoption. I hope to be able to make even just a small difference in this wonderful community. I am also the director of La Zone Chaleur Autism Connection Autisme Chaleur. I look forward to meeting all of you and helping/supporting families throughout the province of NB as they await their dreams of starting or expanding on their families by adopting a child or children from the province of New Brunswick.

About me : 

I live in: Bathurst
I speak: French, English
My Email: susie.lagace-hickey@nbadoption.ca
My Facebook: Facebook.com/susie.nbadoption
My Phone Number: 506-655-7005

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Jessica Ferguson - Support Network Coordinator

Hello! I am Jessica Ferguson, I currently live in Hampton but was born and raised in Ottawa, On. I studied Child & Youth Work at Algonquin College and am currently completing my degree in Integrated Studies with a double minor in psychology/sociology at UNB. My husband and I have four children and in 2019 became kinship guardians to a sibling set of three. I recently joined the NB Adoption Foundation on a part-time basis and am thrilled to help facilitate peer-peer support for families. I love connecting with people and am looking forward to continuing this passion of mine.  I also work as an educational assistant at a local school and hope to be able to provide a new lens between both positions. I am looking forward to connecting with you and walking alongside you during this journey.

About me : 

I live in: Hampton
I speak: English
My Email: jessica.ferguson@nbadoption.ca
My Facebook: Facebook.com/jessica.nbadoption
My Phone Number: 506-333-7976