Support for Children with Disabilities

Families who adopt children with special needs are often taking on extraordinary demands and may require financial assistance and other support to meet the child’s needs.  Although adoption subsidy is available for some, there are times when it's necessary to find other financial support options. 

Listed below are a number of Federal, Provincial and Community programs offering financial assistance. 

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Disability Tax Credit         

The disability tax credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps persons with disabilities or their supporting persons reduce the amount of income tax they may have to pay. 

The purpose of the DTC is to provide for greater tax equity by allowing some relief for disability costs, since these are unavoidable additional expenses that other taxpayers don’t have to face.

** If you get turned down the first time, it is encouraged to reapply, many get accepted after appealing. 

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Child Disability Benefit   

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Family Supports for Children with Disabilities

This program provides services to children with disabilities up to the age of 19. If a child is eligible under the program, an individual service plan is developed that will be based on the child’s strengths, needs and the services that are available. The program may provide services or items to assist the family in providing the care and support the child requires. This may include respite care, parent aides, medical and rehabilitation transportation, recreational opportunities and home support services.

In addition, children whose families do not have private health insurance may be eligible for a “health card” that covers items such as prescription drugs, dental care, eye care, medical and rehabilitation equipment.

You can not be part of this program if you are a subsidized adoption from NB. 

To apply, call the Social Development office in your region. If you meet preliminary eligibility, a social worker will meet you and your family to complete the application.

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or call the Social Development office in your region.

Enhanced Support Worker Program 

The Enhanced Support Worker Program (ESWP) provides funding to licensed early learning and childcare facilities to support children with disabilities and/or additional needs who require a support worker to actively participate in the activities of the facility.  

Your Daycare/Camp can help you apply,  you and the daycare provider will need to fill out a form explaining the needs of your child. The Daycare will then submit the request for funding.


For more information on the  Enhanced Support Worker Program, contact: 

Early Childhood Services Branch Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Toll-free: 1 833 453-6645


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Health & Well-being Fund 

The Children’s Aid Foundation’s Health & Well-Being Fund is designed to fill the gap between basic government funded health care, and the necessary preventative and specialized supports that many children and youth with experience in the child welfare system need but cannot afford.


Funding is available to children and youth for any of the following:

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ParaSport Jumpstartfund 

Every kid should have access to sport and play.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities and the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) have been engaged in a partnership to create greater opportunities for children and youth with disabilities between the ages of 4-25, and who face barriers to actively participate in organized sports and physical activity. 

The Para Sport Jumpstart Fund provides funding to support quality sport and physical activity programs that provide positive introductory and early competition Para Sport experiences. Para Sport Jumpstart Fund covers costs associated with registration, transportation and equipment. 

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