The NBAF is seeking 2 nominees to join the Board of Directors beginning in September 2024.
We are composed of eight (8) members with two (2) positions that are becoming vacant following 2 term completions.

2024 Selection Criteria

Each year, our Board establishes criteria for selecting new Board members to maintain the balance of skills necessary to govern the organization and to ensure diverse representation from NBAF’s stakeholders communities. 

This year, in seeking perspectives and skills complementary to those of continuing Board members, the Nominating Sub-Committee will be specifically looking for candidates who meet one meet at least one of the following criteria:

Are based in the following regions of residence in NB:
Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, or Central.

Are skilled in the areas of:

Expectations of Board Directors

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about NBAF’s mission and who possess the skills sets needed on the Board.

Nominees must be willing to serve for a three (3) year term (Sept 2024 through August 2027).

Our priority is to get members involved in the various committees.

There are 3 standing committees of the Board:

Board members are expected to join two (2) committees or working groups.  

Time Commitment

Board Directors are expected to dedicate enough time to attend meetings, participate in Committee work, and be involved in strategic initiatives.

Board meetings
The Board holds five (5) meetings annually (including the AGM), and each Committee meets, on average, 4 times a year.  Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are generally held on weekdays, around 4 pm via Zoom, and a maximum of two (2) hours.  We have a minimum of 1 in-person meeting during the fiscal year. Occasionally, special board meetings may be called if warranted. 

Briefing materials are distributed one week in advance of the meeting and members are expected to have read and considered the material in advance of the meeting.

Committee meetings
The time commitment varies but is usually 1-2 hours per meeting. These committees meet at least once in advance of a full board meeting, with additional meetings if required. They are virtual and are held on weekdays.

Some roles, such as the role of Chair, Chair of committees, treasurer, and secretary require more invested time.

Compensation of Directors

Reasonable travel costs, per NBAF’s travel and expense policies, are reimbursable.

How to Apply

Please nominate yourself, encourage a colleague, a friend to apply using our nomination form

As an organization, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We strive to have a Board that reflects our diverse community and we encourage individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups to apply to serve on the Board

Key dates

We will consider all nominations received by July 15, 2024. Please be aware that all nominations will be reviewed as part of the Nomination Sub-Committee process, but not all nominations will be on the election ballot.

Interviews will be conducted with short-listed candidates via videoconference or in person, if possible.  The finalists must undergo a background check. The NBAF Nomination Sub-Committee then selects new Directors from the pool of nominees and all candidates will be contacted as appropriate once the selection process is complete.

The slate will be presented to the current Board for approval at their August meeting, after which it will be announced at the AGM in September.

DATE                ACTIVITY                                                   


May 15        Call for Board Nominations

July 15          Closing date for Board Nominations

Mid-Aug     Nominating Committee presents     
                      slate for Board Approval

Sept 15         New Appointments for the Board    
                      are confirmed at the AGM and                                followed by the first meeting of the                        Board

October       Orientation Session