Erminie Cohen Compassion Award Annual Recipients


In support of her nomination, Estelle Lanteigne, Director of the Réseau-action, Service Organization

Dr. Élaine's dedication has never wavered over the years, and she has always put the children and their families at the forefront of this initiative. Rarely have we seen a service model in our field that is so responsive, effective, accessible, and community-based. The central role that Dr. Élaine Deschênes has played (and continues to play) in the implementation of this service model will have an impact on multiple generations of children in New Brunswick, making the future brighter... Read more


In the words of her nominator, Cathy Wright

Monica Chaperlin is best described as a relentless and long-time champion for children and their families. In advocating for children to succeed in school, particularly vulnerable children, she strongly believes that education is essential for children to have a decent quality of life and in particular a life without poverty...
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