ADOPTION STORIES: A Red-Headed Spitfire 

Submitted by: Stacey Suhaianu

My husband Alex and I met in 2008 and got married in 2011. We started trying to have a child as I was 30 years old, we tried for 6 years and had unexplained infertility, I do have PCOS so I think that was an issue for me. So we decided to try and adopt and if it happened for us that's great if not we would be upset but knew it would be God's plan. 

It took me a while to grieve the loss of not being able to have my own children. We got lucky and when we applied there was a P.R.I.D.E training course getting ready to start in Saint John, so we started that and I had all our paperwork ready to go before we started P.R.I.D.E so once it was done, we were first on the list to start our home study, that took about 1 year to complete. Once we were approved, we waited another year to be matched to our son, he was 18 months at the time, he was a red-headed spitfire and we were in love from the moment we first met. We have had lots of challenges with behaviours, we suspect fetal alcohol is a major factor and are currently waiting to get into the fetal alcohol center in Moncton. But he has lived with us for just over 2 years and he has come a long way I just love my little family!