Submitted by : Heather Rice-Sawyer

My wife and I knew we wanted to be parents very early on. When we finally settled in New Brunswick we weren’t long to scope out the process for adoption in the province.  We were blessed with one son through private adoption at birth and our second was placed with us at eight years old last June.

I didn’t know what to expect in terms of bringing a new kiddo into our crew of three.  I honestly cannot imagine another person who would be a more perfect fit.  We are all so different but we fit in ways I cannot explain.  We have had some incredibly difficult days and an abundance of beautiful moments.  I’ve learned and grown so much as I work hard to show up every day for my kids. 

What you really can’t be prepared for is how your heart will choose to open up to someone you’ve just met.  It’s one of the most amazing experiences of my life to think on the moment when I felt the deep connection that this was my child and oddly enough it began even before we met.

I couldn’t imagine sharing days and moments with any one other than these guys. As a team we’ve decided to open our home and our hearts to the possibility of a third kiddo and I’m excited to walk through that experience together.