ADOPTION STORIES : The Right Child Is Waiting For You

Submitted by :  Crystal and Andy Stiles 

Hi my name is Crystal and my husband is Andy. Andy and I met in 2006 and married in 2010. We knew we wanted a family so we started trying right away . After a couple years of not being able to conceive due to me having endometriosis, we decided to apply for adoption. We applied in 2012, and didn’t receive a call until October 2018 to say our year had finally came up and they wanted to know if we were still interested️.❤️ We said yes of course ! We kept it to ourselves not telling family until we knew for sure it would happen . We went and filled out all the paper work again and got all the necessary checks done and we waited. We went in the spring of 2019 to the 8 week pride training that is required to foster and or adopt . We loved our time there we had wonderful trainers , and made a lot of friends. I’m not gonna lie it was very raw and emotional to pour your heart out but we enjoyed ourselves. 😃  Then we waited for a social worker to be assigned to us to start a home study . That call came in July , and was finished in August. We got the call on October 24, 2019 to say we were approved for infant adoption️. ❤️There were a lot of tears and we went to our families that night to tell them all️. ❤️They were all over the moon and of course asking tons of questions about “when “ we would get our child!!  We told them it could be tomorrow , it could be two years from now . It’s a matter of when u are matched . The months rolled by and we were so excited and by month 6 of waiting a friend of ours that took the course with us called to say they got their call️. ❤️They had one month in waiting... I remember going up to the nursery and sitting on the floor and exploding in tears asking god why not us? I was so happy for my friends... they wanted to be parents just as much as us and I wasn’t mad at all at them 😃 these are the emotions and heartache u go through.❤️ ️I had to tell myself that wasn’t “our” child . On July 10,2020 I was driving back from a doctors app in Fredericton when I got a phone call.... it was THE phone call️. ❤️They had a six month little girl for us!! I could hardly contain the tears and couldn’t believe it was finally happening.❤️ ️When I got home I waited for Andy to get home and when he did I asked if he was ready to be a daddy? ️ We made posters and put pink balloons in a gift bag and got our family members to open them and wow what a reaction we got !!! Everyone was over the moon excited! We went to meet our sweet girl on the 18th of July and brought her home for good on the 21st️ Words could never explain the love we have for her and joy she has brought us.❤️ ️We stay in contact with her foster family as they took care and loved her for her first 6 months.❤️ ️They were here for thanksgiving to share with us 😃 they will always be a part of our lives.❤️ ️Our adoption will be final after the new year.❤️It was a very emotional roller coaster but we wouldn’t change any of it .❤️We are a family now and that’s all we ever wanted .❤️To all the couples out there that are applying, or waiting for your call never give up!!! It WILL happen . ❤️The right child is waiting for u️. ❤️Love to all the social workers  and people that have kept us going and for all your kind and loving words️ ❤️ And support.

️Love always
Crystal and Andy Stiles