A Second Chance

Submitted by  : Zoé Breau

To begin with, when I was young, I had the amazing opportunity to have a second chance at life.

I had the advantage of choosing my name, my parents, my siblings, but I also had the opportunity to be adopted and have the chance to start my life from scratch.

First, when my adoptive parents got the call saying that me and my sister needed a new family for an indefinite period of time, they immediately accepted.

When my mother was a child, being the only girl in her family, she always wanted to have a sister.

That's why she didn't hesitate to accept our arrival, she wanted her biological daughter to have what she never could have.

Afterwards, when I arrived at my new home, I only had a small backpack with a few diapers and a spare set.

Then the time came for me to discover my temporary home.

That's when I walked into the three-apple-tall house with my two little ponytails on either side of my head and was still able to walk upright under the table.

In foster homes, young people are discouraged from using the words "daddy" and "mummy" because of the bond of attachment we may develop as a result of his words.

That’s why our guardians told us to nickname them “my aunt” and “my uncle”, which has become completely customary for us. 

Second, when I was seven, I asked THE question that got my parents thinking.

Since I never had the opportunity to understand the meaning of having a family for life, I asked:

’Auntie, what is it to be adopted?’ ’

It was then that my adoptive mother replied, est ’This is for couples who have only 1 and would like to have more or for those who cannot.

Then I asked, with watery eyes and quivering lip, ‘’ You, aunt, you already have 2 children, don’t you want to have 2 more? ’’

My parents always said that if they became a foster home, it was just to help young people and that they would never adopt a child.

So I was the exception to their rule.

This is how Shanick David became Zoé Breau 2 years later.

When I arrived at school the next day, several of my friends didn't want to believe that it was possible to change my identity just like that.

Thus, the teacher explained to the students that I had found a family and that I had decided to erase all traces of my past such as my first and last name.

For me, being adopted was having everything our new family had to offer, starting with their last names.

In short, I have always said that it is thanks to my adoptive mother and father that I got to where I am.

My take on my adoption is that I am so grateful for what my parents have done for me.

They taught me to thrive and to be who I want to be.

In addition, they have shown me that we do not have to follow the route our parents choose to follow.

When we come into the world, we have the choice to embark on a train built for several decades which makes the same circuit without stopping,

Or, on the contrary, to grab all the hands that are open to us and take the opportunity to make our own scoff that will get us to where WE want to go.

Finally, my adoption is the part of my life that I am most proud of.

It’s an integral part of my story and it’s what explains who I have become.

Later, I would like to share my story with other children.

I would like to show them that there is always a positive in any situation.

We just need to find the right resources and the right people who want the best of ourselves.

And you? Would you like to welcome a child into your family and give them the chance to be the person they WANT to be?