My experience living in a Foster Home
Submitted by:  Aly (11)

Hello, my name is Aly and I live in a Foster Home.

Today I’m going to be talking about foster care and how you end up in a foster home and what my experience is living in a foster home. Hope you enjoy it.

What is Foster Care?

Foster Care is when your parents don’t take proper care of you. That means they aren’t able to feed you, provide proper clothing, have a place to live. It can also be because they have addictions, they have mental health issues or they can be abusive in many different ways. When this happens social workers will have to get involved and then a social worker will take you to a foster home where they will provide what you need while your social worker will try to help with your parents and their problems.

What are Foster Parents?

Foster parents are regular parents that give you what you need like a bed, food clothing, and make sure you go to school and that you are healthy while your parents can’t.

What happens in Foster Care?

Once you are in foster care you usually get to see your parents once or twice a week. If the social worker thinks your parents are doing better, that usually means you get to go back home. If they don’t do better than that usually means the social worker tells your parents that they have to go to court. When they go to court, the judge decides whether it’s safe or not to go back home, and if your parents did everything they were supposed to do and the judge thinks that it’s safe, then you go back home, if not, then you stay in your foster home until you’re an adult or you will become adopted by someone. 

Like I said at the beginning, I am in foster care and I have been in a fantastic foster home since I turned 5 years old. Even though the judge said it wasn’t safe for me to go back to my parent’s house, I still love them with all my heart and I still get to see them but not as much because it’s not a healthy choice at the moment. 

I feel I’m lucky because I have 2 families that love me but staying with my foster parents will be my forever home.