All Kids Deserve A Family

Submitted by  : Meheret Thibodeau

My name is Meheret Thibodeau I was born in Ethiopia, located in the North East of Africa. I was adopted with my little brother when I was 4 years old, I lived in an orphanage for 7 months until my adoption was finalized.

My departure was very difficult because I had made new friends who were kind of my family I was sad about my departure but I was very reassured to be with my little brother, because we were separated both living in a different orphanage. I was excited to see my house and afterwards when I realized they were my new parents I was happy to have a family.

When I was younger I was happy not to feel abandoned anymore and to have a family. After a while with my new family I felt safe and reassured that I didn't have to worry about food anymore. And now with my family it's natural I don't see any difference with biological children and I appreciate being adopted.

I have no contact with my birth family as my international adoption was a closed adoption.

My biggest personal challenge is coming to terms with my past.

My future plans are to graduate from high school and go to medicine to save lives.

My greatest pride today has been to be adopted, to have a normal life without worry and to play sports with my supportive family.

"My greatest desire is that all kids have enough to eat and a good adoptive family because all children deserve it."